Roleplay Clans RoseClan
Parents Mother: Greenstem (dead)

Father: (dead)

Littermates None (anyone who wants to can be her littermate)
Mate and Kits Mate: Unknown (dead)

Daughter: Rainflower

Son: Speckledust

Mentors Unknown
Apprentices Unknown
Roleplayer: Itendstonight

Petalstar is a ginger she-cat with a white chest, belly, paws, chin, tail-tip, and green eyes that peirce your heart and make you feel like she is staring right into your soul.

Personality and LifestyleEdit

Petalstar is a cheery cat who is usually kind to her clanmates. She is particularly prejudice against kittypets and Orchidclan, and is paraniod about other clans invading RoseClan territory. She loves kits, even kittypet and OrchidClan kits, and loves her two kits, Rainflower and Speckledust.


Her mother, Greenstem, is dead and in StarClan, and so is her father, Leaffall. Her mate is also dead, died in a battle while protecting his and Petalstar's kits, Rainflower and Speckledust. Petalstar knows about the Animal family secret in LilyClan, but tells no one.

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