This is Warrior Cats Clans Roleplay Wiki, we welcome you

Welcome to this wiki, we are all about roleplaying non-canon Warriors Cats from the Warriors book series written by Erin Hunter. You can join a clan by asking on the talk page, and the roleplayer of the leader or deputy will add you in. You create a page for your roleplaying cat, but be sure to join Project:Character Art to make a Charart for your new roleplaying character! But be sure to read the rules before you do anything, because we want this wiki to be a nice, friendly place. Enjoy!


November 27: This Wiki is started. Come and join and have fun!

Petalstarreal: Petalstar is a ginger she-cat with white belly, chest, paws, chin, tail tip. She has bright green eyes that makes most cats feel as though she was looking right into their soul. More...
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